Mambo Fe Dance Company

Mambo Fe Dance Company
Mambo Fe Dance Company was founded February 2008 by Tony Perez, performer, instructor and choreographer. The name, Mambo Fe is used with respect for the living tradition of Mambo societies and their music in Cuba. In Cuba, Mambo is a mutual aid society with religious aspects, and a style of music and dance that survived decades of slavery and has its roots in Africa. Mambo songs and dance are important types of folkloric music and dance derived from West Africa. The clave rhythms in Salsa and most Latin music, come directly from West Africa. Some of the dance and music came from Yoruba culture (an ethnic group in what is today called Nigeria), and others came from other groups, like the Congolese. But there were also influences from Spain, France, etc., especially in some of the dance movements, and also in the poetry of the songs for Cuban Rumba (which is completely unrelated to ballroom Rhumba). It is said that Arsenio Rodriguez, a famous Cuban blind tres player, built Mambo from the “Diablo Rhythm” of the Congolese religion, taught to him by his grand father a former slave. He was one of the three pillars of Cuban music (the other two are Benny More and Miguel Matamoros). Rodriguez was the architect of Cuban sound as we know it today. He added drums and more brass to enrich the classic conjunto style in the 40s. After decades of fame, Rodriguez died in obscurity in Los Angeles in 1972.


Mambo Fe Dance Company, the only home based dance company in New Mexico, has been driven by a desire to develop quality training in its foundation with Mambo dance, as it evolved in N.Y City. Mambo Fe has taken consistent steps in distinguishing the performance genre:


- Rio Grande School Fundraising, Santa Fe.
- The Mambo Room, Santa Fe.
- Salsa Cabaret Fundraising, Santa Fe.
- National Hispanic Cultural Center, Albuquerque.
- Albuquerque Square Dance Center.
- 22nd. Annual Choreographer’s Showcase, Santa Fe.
- Mono Mundo Dance Performance Festival on the Plaza, Santa Fe.


Today, this spicy and ethnically diverse group entertains with traditional, cultural and Mambo dance routines entrancing the audience with their captivating and unique style.



TonyTony Perez
Founding Artistic Director & Instructor
Tony’s style is seamless and smooth and his partners will attest, dancing with Tony is like riding a wave. He has been dancing professionally and performing at age 13 in a Salsa Dancing Group, appearing on television and touring in his native Mexico.
Tony went on to train and perform at different venue’s with several Flamenco Maestros in New Mexico. He has been a member of Moving People Dance Theatre since 2001, based in Santa Fe, NM. Teaching and Performing in their Dance Production Louder Than Words, Swingin’ Suites. He was a team member and performer of “Zircus Erotique” Dance and Theater Company. His dance repertoire includes modern, ballet, tap, jazz and Argentine tango. Tony currently teaches the fastest growing Salsa style in the nation known as “On 2″ New York Style Mambo, designed to add extra inner rhythm to latin social dancing. Classes are held at Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Studio. He has taught, perform and choreograph groups, privates and workshops at festivals, organizations, institutions, such as Latin Dance Festival in Las Vegas, NM., Roy E. Disney Center for Performing Arts Albuquerque Journal Theatre, National Hispanic Cultural Center, Santa Fe Social Club, Moving People Dance Center, Santa Fe Prep, Maple Street Dance Studio, Albuquerque Academy, Albuquerque Petroleum Club, Albuquerque Square Dance Center, USA Dance: North-Central New Mexico Chapter 5047, Selah Dance Studios, Santa Fe Salsa Rueda Festival, Warehouse 21, Mambo Room, Mono Mundo Dance Performance Festival, Santa Fe Community College, New Mexico Dance Coalition 22nd. Annual Choreographers Showcase, Salsa-Baby dance studio. Currently owner of Mambo U, LLC providing salsa and latin dance classes and Artistic Director of “Mambo Fe Dance Company” in Santa Fe, NM. He continues to dance for the sheer joy.



HayleyHayley Constable
Hayley Constable has been dancing since the age of 5. For many years she studied Ballet, Modern, and Jazz. It wasn’t until the age of 16 that she found her true voice through social dancing, namely Salsa. Since first becoming intoxicated by the complex rhythms, Hayley decided to study the music, the dance and the history of Salsa. She has since gone on to teach, choreograph, and perform.


Hayley has worked with dance groups such as the Santa Fe Social Club, Mambo Fe, and Salsa Baby. Besides group and private lessons, she has taught at many festivals including the Santa Fe Salsa Rueda Festival, Albuquerque Latin Dance Festival, and the San Francisco Bachata Congress. She has performed for various venues, including Mambo Room and the Albuquerque Latin Dance Festival.

Hayley derives the greatest pleasure from sharing her passion with others, and she hopes to inspire others, whether it be through instruction, performance, or simply sharing a dance.